Tips to Play the Role of a Wedding Emcee Like a Professional

Why an EMCEE is needed at reception ceremony: Being a wedding EMCEE is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of planning. A wedding is like a fulfillment of a dream for every bride and groom and also for their families and friends. So, if you are assigned the role of playing the wedding EMCEE for your best friend or any immediate relative, then you must realize that it is no less than an honor. You must make arrangements in a way that would please everyone in the guest list and make sure that the dream of sharing vows with your soul mate stays and lingers in the hearts of people even after the wedding. Here are three tips to practice while preparing to play this role with utterly impossible perfection:

Do not be a part of the spotlight. Not even for once. The limelight of focus and undivided attention should be on the glowing bride and cranky groom so that memories are made, shared and captured. The first step is to give all concentration to the bride and the groom through your performance.

It should happen naturally and effortlessly on stage or dais. The jokes should not offend anyone so the second tip is to take the guest list and make a checklist that you can’t speak about before or after the toasts to be given by the guests. Practice and keep practicing so that on the big day, you know who, when, what, where about the wedding or reception like any other professional.

Be easy during terms of performance and make it a point to be on the same page as the bride and the groom so that none of the parts of the event gets spoiled because the people involved weren’t in mutual agreement.

How you can play the role of an EMCEE for a wedding like any professional: It is no surprise that nowadays, experienced EMCEEs are hired by event managing companies or by people for personal occasions with close family and friends so that the guests stay entertained and there is no time to spare for boredom. But, if someone who has no history or idea about the job of an EMCEE then he/she should follow these criteria to make yourself eligible for the honorable mention as your best friend’s wedding EMCEE.
Get accustomed to the pressure: Holding the mic and speaking in front of a house full of strangers, acquaintances, friends, business partners and family is an altogether different level of a challenge. We all know that perfection is synonymous with practice and they come hand in hand. So, familiarize yourself with the venue, guest list, and the ceremonial rituals to be conducted.

Connect people emotionally because after all, it is a wedding: Resurfacing nostalgia and reconnecting the bride and the groom with each other is a moment everyone craves for. The ultimate tip is to talk about what you feel because what we feel is an emotion and to connect and reconnect every bond, estranged or not in a wedding reception is a must.

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